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CollectPro software was developed to help your business effectively manage invoices and collections. We give you the power of a professional collections process in an easy to use product that will produce immediate positive results for your bottom line. Our mission is to provide the best possible user experience. From purchase and installation to daily usage and support the CollectPro Team is available to help.

We are the result of a partnership between the managing partners of Creditor's Resource Group, a nationwide collection agency and a member of The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, and the managing partners of NMD, Inc. a software development and technology firm responsible for the development and support of law enforcement, governmental and private sector software applications throughout the United States and Canada. CollectPro has over 50 collective years of experience in corporate collections, debt management and software development.  We have successfully merged technology and the collections process together in a way that empowers business.

Management Team

Ethan Jolly
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

As co-founder of CollectPro, Ethan has been leading the growth of the company and product development from the early stages of concept to product launch. Before CollectPro, Ethan served as Managing Partner of NMD, Inc., a cutting edge software development and technology company. In 10 years of development leadership Ethan managed projects for over 200 clients in the law enforcement, government, and private sector areas. This included development of web applications and data dissemination projects for Federal Government Agencies. Ethan directly managed the development of Offender Watch which is the largest sex offender tracking and notification software in the United States. This platform is used in 38 states by over 500 law enforcement agencies and has over 1MM users.

Paul Hoeper
Paul is an industry expert in electronic invoicing and accounts receivable. Before joining the CollectPro team Paul led the partnership between Ariba and The Receivables Exchange. This partnership resulted in the first ever auction of an electronic invoice as a means of generating working capital. Paul brings more than 15 years of organizational management, marketing and financial transaction expertise to the CollectPro Team. 

Thomas Lynch

Thomas Lynch is a 20 year veteran of the commercial debt collection industry. During his early years with industry giants Milliken & Michaels and NCO Financial Systems, he became a recognized expert in designing effective policies and procedures to drive proactive AR management and loss mitigation. Mr. Lynch is currently Founder and CEO of Creditors Resource Group, a national debt collection agency primarily catering to small to mid-sized businesses in the B2B marketplace.

Kevin Blank
Senior Vice President of Research and Development

Mr. Blank has served as the Chief Development Officer of NMD for the past 9 years.  He is responsible for the development and management of the OffenderWatch® software for Watch Systems, LLC and oversees NMD’s software development team members and multiple server environments.  Mr. Blank’s experience with the design, implementation and management of complex software architecture provides a strong basis for the CollectPro™ platform.

CollectPro is proud to be a silver development partner for the Sage network and is integrated within Peachtree Business Analytics. The CollectPro partner network includes: Sage, Intuit, iLumen, NMD, Inc., Creditor's Resource Group, and Experian.

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