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Easy Installation
Automatically syncs with your accounting software
Invoice Action Timeline
Creates invoice management policy in minutes
Manage Daily Tasks
Follow an easy step by step process
Send Payment Reminders
Strengthen your business relationship
Call Scripts & Tutorials
What to say and how to say it
Send Demand Letters
Professional collections letters
Track History
Documentation of every invoice action
Report on Activity
One click reports on invoice activities
Send to Collections
Export accounts to a collections agency
Edit Letters
Edit payment reminders and demand letters
Seamless Integration
No imports / exports necessary. CollectPro auto-syncs to Peachtree or Quickbooks software.
User Dashboard
Quickly and easily interact with your scheduled daily invoice management and collections tasks.
Timeline Management
Manage your invoice collection actions with the CollectPro timeline manager. Select from pre-set timelines or create your own.
Access Professional Collections Tools
• Easy Tutorials
• Integrated Call Scripts
• Powerful Demand Letters
Online Resources
Your online resource center gives you access to webinars and training opportunities with professional collection agencies, additional scripts, letters and interactive tutorials.
Additional Services
CollectPro offers additional services available for users to purchase.
• Credit Reports
• ProfitShield Program
• Export to Collection Agencies
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